Thursday, March 11, 2010

Another unimaginative post...

I'm sure that many (if not all) of you have seen these, but since I have given up trying to post only when I have something new to say (which obviously doesn't happen anymore) I think these are worth seeing again. This band, OK Go, was a band from Chicago that created a video that went viral on YouTube (and eventually won a Grammy). It's for their song "Here It Goes Again":

They just released another video with a huge Rube Goldberg machine for their song "This Too Shall Pass".

Another video for the same song is also worth a watch (although not quite as amazing). Here's the link.

I can't embed this one because their ex-label didn't like people doing what I'm going here (hence the "ex" part of the title). I guess it makes sense. Let's stop what made this band famous. Good strategy BMI!

Oh, and I love this Feist video too...


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those rock!

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