Thursday, February 01, 2007

The Constant Vendetta

OK, I've been thinking about this blogging thing for months now and wondering how to do something that would be worth reading and realized… It ain't going to happen. So since I don't have anything profound or wonderful to publish, I'll just put down random thoughts from the various movies/books/shows/life experiences as they happen.

And as a disclaimer, just because I mention a movie/album/book/show doesn't mean I'm suggesting it. If I suggest a source, I'll come right out and say it. Otherwise, be careful and listen to your own conscience (mine's busy enough as it is keeping up with me).

V for Vendetta - Movie

"Artists lie to expose the truth. Politicians lie to cover it."

You've got to respect the opinion of anyone who reenacts 1950's sword fight routines while wearing a smiling, metal mask…

The Constant Gardener - Movie

If you haven't read any John le Carre', you should. He writes espionage and spy novels (he was a British agent, you know - but his last few novels have been more than spy thrillers. They're more philosophical about the why's and how's of the spy trade.

The Constant Gardener explores how the West uses the desperate need for its own greed (this time through a pharmaceutical firm that uses small clinics in Africa as test sites for experimental drugs). It reminded me again of a quote from another film where an African dictator remarks concerning his own abuses of his people, "This is Africa. Nobody cares about what happens here."

I'm not sure what started the West caring about the desperate plight of most of Africa, but it is far overdue. The disparity of wealth, health, attention between the West and places like Africa is more than I can comprehend… I don't know what to do about it…


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Well, well, well, a change in your blog - I had almost stopped checking! A word of advice, quit giving disclaimers about how boring your blog is going to be and let the reader decide! I look forward to reading whatever quotes you decide to share. Keep them coming.

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