Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Dedicated to Megan

I originally hoped that this site would be used as a customer service/relations site for the design company I hope to found someday. That IS still the plan, but in the meantime...

I was conversing with one of my favorite people this weekend and we started talking about blogging. I don't, she did. Well, I don't very regularly. Anyway, we were also talking about the 40 or so albums I've purchased in the last few months and about the websites that I have been using to find the artists. She thought that I should log my music addiction and various other frivilous interests I follow.

So, Megan, this blog is dedicated to you. Don't get too excited, I'm sure you're the only one who will ever read it...


Blogger megs said...

Wow - A blog dedicated to me - I'm honored! (even if I am the only one reading it) - and I will read it. If you write it I will read!
Love you!

5:14 PM  

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